On your first visit, Dr. Lunn will perform a full examination of your chief complaint. This process will reveal the root cause of the problem, what treatment options are available to you, and what kind of timeline you can expect for the resolution of the problem. This examination will include testing the range of motion and performing several orthopedic and neurological tests.

After the exam, you will be taken to the therapy room to receive heat and muscle stimulation over the area of complaint. This serves to increase blood flow to the area, decrease pain, and relax the tissues to allow for a smooth, gentle adjustment.

Once the therapies have completed, you will be taken back to one of our adjusting rooms to receive your treatment. Based upon the number of complaints, you can expect this entire visit to take about one hour.


On these visits you will receive the heat and muscle stimulation therapies immediately upon arriving. You will then be taken to one of our adjusting rooms to receive your treatment. You can expect this visit to take 15-30 minutes.


If you are receiving Graston therapy with an adjustment, these will be performed together in the adjusting room. If you are only receiving Graston therapy, the visit will proceed in the same fashion as a follow-up adjustment. Each body region receiving Graston therapy takes 8-10 minutes.